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Customer Stories

We helped lots of customers reach their ambitious goals. Customers we are proud of.

By sharing their story we show how we together made it happen.


Orthopedic company Biomet and Motion5 worked together on an international, commercial transition for 7 years. And with result: a true cultural change and with an improved European market position.

P&O Ferrymasters

P&O Ferrymasters faced a challenge: Being a professional commercial organization, capable of trumping the competition and creating continuous growth. This ambition was realized together with Motion5.

Achmea Corporate Relations

With Motion5, Achmea Corporate Relations developed further in being a strategic partner. The team is generating better ideas by clear knowledge sharing. Customers are approached with more guts and stronger questioning.

Achmea Intermediaire Regie

Achmea Intermediaire Regie wanted to approach their strategic partner and customer relationships in a more systematic an structured way. Now, their customers have adopted the same work method to help shape their own ambition!

Pentair Valves & Controls

Pentair Valves & Controls wanted to elevate the global sales team to an even higher level. They achieved this goal. It al started with a compelling analyses of Motion5.

TIP Trailer Services

TIP Trailer Services is eager to grow. New prospects are needed to realize this ambition. With Motion5 they started a Lead Generation Process. This brought more than 100 qualified leads on a strategic level.


Together with Motion5, Biotechnology company Biogen changed their market approach. From product-push to a customer-centric account strategy. This change was durable because Biogen felt total ownership.

Allport Netherlands

Allport Netherlands and Motion5 focused on market developments to enable successful sales strategies.


Damco wanted to professionalize their fairly new account team. The collaboration with Motion5 strongly improved their commercial power and created a uniform Damco story.